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Based on a "services" architecture type, iXPath offers many technical and applicative connectors to modelize and manage workflows regardless of companies business processes.

EDI, B2B flow, EAI, web services, data exchange via mobile apps or connected devices : iXPath meets your company's internal or external digital information exchange expectations.


Quick to meet customers requirements

Opening the company to all types of digital information flows

Flow monitoring and governance

Fast roll-out of B2B workflows

Operating costs optimization

Simplified data workflow maintenance and evolution

B2B flows expertise

(in French, English presentation available upon request)

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Offering many technical and applicative connectors, iXPath can design all kind of business processes to fully meet all our customer's requirements: sales processes, demand and logistics management, procurement processes, transport management and delivery tracking, product sheet and related medias distribution, etc.

You wish to digitalize supply chain, procurement or sales processes, iXPath simplifies the dissemination of information and rationalizes data exchange roll-out with all your partners.

With iXPath, the company becomes connected ; flows are governed thanks to KPIs and flow control.

Regardless of the chosen scenario, a personalized monitoring of the flows is available depending on the users needs based on functional data (order number, delivery note number, customer code, etc.). A detailed technical monitoring is also provided to track down each step of a scenario.

(brochure in French, English presentation available upon request)

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(in French, English presentation available upon request)
(in French, English presentation available upon request)

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